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Why you should join LegendMS.

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Why you should join LegendMS.

Post  Vicious on Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:42 am

We have many events and a very friendly community! The GMs are active and willing to help at any time. We are also committed to keeping this a hacker free server! cheers

There are many updates and many features too! Come and join, check it our for yourself. Cool

P.S. You must register on this forum for instructions on how to join LegendMS!

Features in LegendMS:
Rates: 300x Exp Rate, 50x Mesos Rate, and 5x Drop Rate.
-All Jobs Work Including Pirates!
-Full Cash Shop
-All Bosses Work!
-Version 62 MapleStory
-Nice Community!
-Organized Staff and Event Coordinators!
-Good Rates!
-Player Commands!
-Working/Custom PvP!
-Multi - pets!
-Trading System!
-99% of the skills work!
-Original LegendMS Currency
-Updates shown in game.
-Convenient NPCs.
-Custom Commands!
-Custom Events and Prizes!

& More!!!


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